الأحد، أبريل ١٢، ٢٠٠٩

True friendship

Whenever you feel alone

know you are not

Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on

you can use mine

Whenever you need someone just to listen

you can have my ear

Whenever you lose your way

you can have my eyes to guide you

Whenever you don’t know the words to say

you can have my lips to speak them

Whenever you are afraid

I will be brave for you

Whenever you fall

I will catch you

Whenever you are sad

I will do anything to make you glad

I may not always know what to do or say

but I will help you anyway

Whenever you have a question or favor to ask

know that the answer will always be yes

Whatever you do, wherever you go

I will always be here for you

If you ever thought I was mad or upset with you

that is not true

I will not and could not

ever be mad at you

If you were ever mad or upset with me

for that I am truly sorry

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